How To Block Websites on iPhone

Learn how to block websites on your iPhone: a step-by-step guide using Apple Screen Time and Refocus.

Block Websites
Block Websites

There are two options to block websites on iPhone:

  • Option 1: Use the built-in Apple Screen Time feature

  • Option 2: Install an app designed to block websites (Refocus)

Option 1: Apple Screen Time

Choose this option if you want to avoid installing another application. However, you lose powerful features and flexibility.

Steps to block websites on iPhone using Apple Screen Time:

  1. Open Apple "Settings" app

  2. Select "Screen Time"

  3. Select "App Limits"

  4. Select "App Limits"

  5. Scroll to bottom and select "websites"

  6. Select "Add Website" and type in the website you want to block

  7. Select "Next" and a time of "1 min" and select "Add"

Open Apple "Settings" App

Select "Screen Time"

Select "App Limits"

Select "Add Limit"

Scroll To Bottom And Select "Websites"

Select "Add Website" And Type It The Website You Want To Block

Select "Next," And a Time of "1 min," And Select "Add"

YouTube Will Now Be Blocked In Safari After 1 Minute

IMPORTANT: You need to use Safari for this method

PRO TIP: Instead of selecting 1 website (which means you always have to visit that specific website for 1 minute for it to block), select multiple and it will automatically ensure you can only visit all the websites for a total of only 1 minute

Additional Option If The Above Does Not Work For You

  1. Open Apple "Settings" App

  2. Select "Screen Time"

  3. Select "Content & Privacy Restrictions"

  4. Select "Store, Web, Siri & Game Center Content"

  5. Select "Web Content"

Option 2: Refocus

The best option to block websites if you are willing to install another application.

  1. Open Apple "App Store" App

  2. Search "Refocus"

  3. Select "Refocus: App & Website Blocker"

  4. Install

  5. Open "Refocus"

  6. Go through the application onboarding

  7. Click here for directions on how to block websites on Refocus